Enabling Industrial Sales

Klyck is the only sales enablement solution that is tailored specifically for the industrial manufacturing and distribution industry, ensuring that your language is our language.

As a leader in industrial sales enablement, we assists our customers in navigating the complex task of digital transformation by providing a powerful, yet simplistic platform that uses data and tailored content to empower better sales Conversations and build better customer relationships. Our solution improves sales and marketing alignment, significantly reduces the time it takes for sales users to find resources, provides powerful data analytics on customer engagements and ensures that your sales team always has the right content at the right time.   

Sales Enablement Designed for Industrial B2B

Find out how Klyck is helping manufacturing and industrial B2B clients improve their sales process, close more deals, and increase sales content utilization.

Content Solutions

Our patented platform provides users with an individually tailored, searchable interface that displays all available content related to the specific solution, product, or service that they’re selling.  Whether your selling IoT integrated lighting or process control systems for industrial automation, our platform ensures that your sales team is properly prepared to own the Conversation.

CRM Integration

We provide seamless integrations into SalesForce.com and many other CRM systems, allowing customer sales, segment, and market data to be correlated with content engagement and product interest. We can help you improve sales productivity, customer insights, and user experience in your CRM, by automating day-to-day tasks.

Industrial Expertise

Klyck is the only sales enablement platform engineered and designed explicitly for industrial manufacturing and distribution businesses, ensuring that our customer’s language is our language. Our intuitive interface helps sales engineers effectively navigate challenging discussions about IoT and connected solutions.

Sales Development

Integrated directly into our app, Klyck’s Sales Coach interface allows you to capture advice, tips, and best practices from your successful sales leaders and place that knowledge at the fingertips of every sales engineer in your organization. We can also integrate with your learning management system, making digital learning easily accessible on-the-go.

Data Analytics

Our powerful data analytics capabilities allows sales and marketing leaders to understand content performance, customer engagement, email traffic, and sales user activity, enabling superior strategic planning. With Klyck, you can measure every customer touchpoint with your content and visualize data in real time.


Customer Success

Our team of dedicated customer success managers provide individualized support, onboarding, and account management throughout the entire customer journey.  This expert team ensures that our product is configured and managed to provide a personalized solution that meets your individual business needs.

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