Sales Enablement for

Industrial IoT

Klyck is the only sales enablement solution that is specifically tailored for the industrial manufacturing and distribution industry, ensuring that your language is our language. 

As a leader in this segment, Klyck assists manufacturers in navigating the complex task of digital transformation by providing a powerful, yet simplistic platform that uses data and tailored content to empower better sales conversations and build better customer relationships.


Empowering Sales for IoT, Industry 4.0 & Integrated Solutions

Leading a customer through a conversation about IoT systems, connected solutions or engineered equipment is challenging.  Our solution enables these customer conversations by improving sales and marketing alignment, significantly reducing the time it takes for sales users to find resources, providing powerful data analytics on customer engagements and ensuring that your sales team always has the right content at the right time, making every conversation count.

We Turn Sales Reps into Sales Experts

The manufacturing industry is home to complicated solutions, large product offerings, and an evolving competitive landscape, all of which make continuous training an essential tool for success. In our patented Conversations template you can provide your sales engineers with virtual coaching on how to best sell new products, tips on how to talk to certain buyers, and bundles of content surrounding a solution.

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The rapid expansion of IoT and Industry 4.0 Solutions has created a realm of opportunities for B2B companies. However, sales and marketing leaders are having a challenging time implementing strategies to effectively drive the sale of IoT-based solutions.

Discover 6 ways to create a winning sales and marketing strategy that will empower your business during the digital industrial revolution.

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