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Klyck makes it easy to create, organize and share your knowledge, documents, data and more.

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Elevate Your Team’s Collaboration and Content Management Effortlessly

Everything in one place

Organize knowledge, create and manage content, share ideas and more.

Modern Content Management

Easily manage content

Transform your content management. Organize all your marketing and sales materials effortlessly. Say goodbye to chaotic folders. Find, share, and track content in seconds with Klyck.


Create Pages

Easily create stunning pages with a powerful content editor, add pictures, videos, files and more

Custom Workspace

Customize your own workspace by organizing pages in the best way for you or your team

 Reporting & Analytics

Understand your impact

Empower your team and gain insights into how your sales reps utilize company content. Identify top-performing materials and areas for improvement to optimize your strategy. Track every interaction and understand how customers engage in real-time.

Invite & Collaborate

Invite others and choose how you want to collaborate with them by giving user permissions

Save & Share Templates

Use pre-created templates from top performing teams or build your own from scratch


A set of building blocks to help your team do more, faster.
Easily Edit Content

Our modern page editor makes it super easy to create new documents that look great by default every time

Content Library

Embed documents directly into pages or use our content library to organize files for your team

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate on documents together in real-time. Reduce the number of meetings and time spent searching


Use pre-existing templates from top performing teams or create and share your own templates

Instant Search

Quickly find what you need, when you need it with powerful advanced search capabilities

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Permission Rights

Whether it’s your team or a client, set permissions to control who has access to view or edit your pages

Pre-Built Components

Use pre-built modules to jumpstart your pages including to-do lists, tables, images, videos and files

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Pages & Subpages

Easily organize all of your content and information into pages by simply dragging and dropping

Advanced Analytics

Use advanced analytics to measure content utilization, performance and effectiveness

For teams of any size

Find content in seconds for every situation

Easily find information on a page or use Klyck’s content library to pinpoint exactly what you need

Invite and collaborate with your team

Align your teams by centralizing company documents, guides, playbooks and more

Track content usage and performance

Analyze your content utilization and performance to optimize your strategy and resources

3.6 Hours

Wasted Everyday

According to a recent study by Coveo, employees spend an average of 3.6 hours each day searching for information. That’s valuable time that could be used to drive revenue and achieve business objectives. Our solution streamlines information access and empowers your team to focus on what really matters, delivering results and growing your business.


Still Using Sharepoint?

Complex file folder structures only make it more difficult to find what you need, when you need it. Reduce the time it takes to find, present or share your content.

Get started with a template

Not sure where to get started? Use templates from top performing teams

Sales Conversation

Sales Playbook

Competitor Comparison


Templates, eBooks, Guides, How-To’s and much more