Sales Enablement for Industrial B2B


As the global leader in industrial sales enablement software, Klyck digitally enhances your sales process by transforming content into conversations, data into direction, and sales reps into sales experts.


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Klyck is Trusted by Industry Leaders

Klyck is the Leading Sales Enablement Technology for the Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Turn Content into Conversations

Klyck uses data insights and advanced attribute filtering to ensure that users always have the right sales content at the right time; allowing them to focus on the most important customer interaction, the conversation.

Turn Data into Direction

Klyck’s reporting and data analytics capability empowers sales and marketing leaders to understand customer engagement, gauge product interest, and direct sales interactions to best fit the needs of the customer.

Turn Sales Reps into Sales Experts

Our unique combination of content intelligence, sales training integration, and customer segmentation turns any sales rep, either a seasoned veteran or a new hire, into a sales expert; armed with the content they need to increase win rates of complex solutions.

Sales Enablement Designed for Industrial B2B

Find out how Klyck is helping manufacturing and industrial B2B clients improve their sales process, close more deals, and increase sales content utilization.

What is Klyck?

How Klyck Supports Industrial Sales Organizations

Leading a customer through a conversation about IoT systems, connected solutions or engineered equipment is challenging. Our sales enablement tool enhances these customer conversations by improving sales and marketing alignment, significantly reducing the time it takes for users to find sales content, providing powerful data analytics on customer engagements and ensuring that your sales team always has the right content at the right time, making every conversation count.

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