Document Management

The Modern Document Management Platform

Say goodbye to Drive, Dropbox or Sharepoint, welcome to the future of document management. Klyck empowers your team to effortlessly organize, access, and collaborate on documents, ensuring productivity and efficiency at every step.


Increase in Productivity


Reduction in Time Spent


Cost Reduction

Document Storage & Organization

Streamline your document management effortlessly with Klyck

Klyck offers a modern and intuitive platform for storing and organizing all your documents effectively. Say goodbye to scattered files and chaotic folder structures. With Klyck, you can centralize your document storage, making it easy to access, manage, and share files across your organization.

Whether it’s sales collateral, marketing materials, or internal documents, Klyck provides a seamless solution for keeping your content organized and easily accessible whenever you need it.


Advanced Search

Easily find what you need with powerful search capabilities

With Klyck’s advanced search functionality, locating specific documents has never been easier. Our platform allows you to search for content using keywords, tags, metadata, and more, ensuring that you can quickly locate the exact document you’re looking for, even among thousands of files.

Whether you need to find a specific proposal, contract, invoice or presentation, Klyck’s robust search capabilities empower you to retrieve the information you need in seconds, saving you valuable time and effort.

Share & Collaborate

Collaborate seamlessly and share content instantly with Klyck

Klyck simplifies the process of sharing content with colleagues, clients, and partners, enabling seamless collaboration across teams. With our platform, you can easily share documents, presentations, and other files with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for cumbersome email attachments or file-sharing platforms.

Whether you’re collaborating on a project with remote team members or sharing updates with clients, Klyck provides a centralized hub for sharing content securely and efficiently. Plus, our intuitive interface makes it easy for recipients to access shared content, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration throughout your organization.

Tool to Help Your Team Succeed

Content Centralization

Effortlessly access and organize all your sales content in one place

Tailored Recommendations

AI-driven recommendations ensure relevant content for each sales interaction

Coaching & Onboarding

Drive sales excellence with instant coaching and onboarding from sales leaders

Advanced Analytics

Gain insights into content performance to drive data-backed decision-making

Efficient Collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate and share best practices within your sales team

Presentation Customization

Create personalized, impactful pages and presentations effortlessly


A set of building blocks to help your team do more, faster.
Easily Edit Content

Our modern page editor makes it super easy to create new documents that look great by default every time

Content Library

Embed documents directly into pages or use our content library to organize files for your team

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate on documents together in real-time. Reduce the number of meetings and time spent searching


Use pre-existing templates from top performing teams or create and share your own templates

Instant Search

Quickly find what you need, when you need it with powerful advanced search capabilities

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Permission Rights

Whether it’s your team or a client, set permissions to control who has access to view or edit your pages

Pre-Built Components

Use pre-built modules to jumpstart your pages including to-do lists, tables, images, videos and files

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Pages & Subpages

Easily organize all of your content and information into pages by simply dragging and dropping

Advanced Analytics

Use advanced analytics to measure content utilization, performance and effectiveness


Organize and display your information on pages by using tables

Live Notifications

Get real-time insights into your content engagement and performance to advance leads 


Never miss important updates around news, announcements or content


Tag content in your library to make it easy to find or group it for certain use cases

Filters & Sort

Filter and sort your content to easily find the best information specific to your situation

Page History

Track every change with Klyck’s page history. Easily revert to previous versions and collaborate confidently.

Still Using Sharepoint?

Complex file folder structures only make it more difficult to find what you need, when you need it. Reduce the time it takes to find, present or share your content.

For teams of any size

Find content in seconds for every situation

Easily find information on a page or use Klyck’s content library to pinpoint exactly what you need

Invite and collaborate with your team

Align your teams by centralizing company documents, guides, playbooks and more

Track content usage and performance

Analyze your content utilization and performance to optimize your strategy and resources

3.6 Hours

Wasted Everyday

According to a recent study by Coveo, employees spend an average of 3.6 hours each day searching for information. That’s valuable time that could be used to drive revenue and achieve business objectives. Our solution streamlines information access and empowers your team to focus on what really matters, delivering results and growing your business.


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Your go-to content solution for organizing, finding, and sharing information

Use pre-existing templates from top performing teams or create and share your own templates with your team

Customized Pages

Easily organize all of your content and information into pages by simply dragging and dropping

Content Library

Embed files directly into pages or use our content library to organize them for your team with filters, tags and categories

Get started with a template

Not sure where to get started? Use templates from top performing teams

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