Klyck for Enterprise

Teams use Klyck to get rid of hundreds of documents, spreadsheets, email threads and apps

Easily Find Content

Klyck’s innovative content library simplifies large libraries of sales and marketing content, making it easy to find what you need when you need it. Organize thousands of files in an intuitive interface for your sales team. Utilize filters, metatags, and advanced search to find the right content, at the right time.

With our platform, you can ensure that your users always have access to what they need for their conversation no matter where it takes place.

Content can be downloaded for offline use to ensure that users are always prepared!

Tailor Presentations for Customers

Klyck intelligently recommends content that is customized to every situation by using filters and tags. This arms your team with easy-to-use content tailored to the situation.

Klyck provides a high level of flexibility and customizability when it comes to organizing your information. Mix and match content from your library to make your own unique presentations.

Control access to each page by setting permissions to view, edit and share.

Track & Measure Performance

Gain a clear picture and improve understanding of content performance, customer engagement, and sales user activity for sales and marketing leaders with superior data-driven strategic solutions.

Klyck’s data-driven solutions allow sales users to instantly see how well their content is performing with real-time engagement metrics including email opens, the number of content views, and customer content ratings.

Optimize productivity levels, content performance, sales tactics, and ROI from marketing content with administrative reporting.

Integrate with Salesforce

Klyck’s native integration and partnership with Salesforce allows you to access your content directly from Klyck. Tailor and recommend content at every stage of the sales cycle inside SFDC to give reps dynamic interactions with their customers during the current stage of the buying process. 

Klyck can reduce sales meeting prep time by up to 70%. We do this by providing personalized content and educational resources to assist sales reps. Our SalesForce integration allows reps to use a single platform to create sales presentations, review and share content directly with their contacts.

Full Control & Customization

Our enterprise platform includes advanced permissions and security to grow your team


Single Sign-on + SAML

Give your team access to Klyck through your identity provider using SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)


Custom invoicing

Our team will work with you to create custom contract and invoicing that meets your needs

Dedicated success manager

Work with a dedicated success manager to perfect your platform and get the support you need

group permissions

Use permissions to group and organize your growing team in a way that makes sense to you



Integrate with your favourite tools to get the most out of Klyck

Get started with a template

Not sure where to get started? Use templates from top performing teams

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