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Klyck makes it easy to create, organize and share your knowledge, documents, data and more.

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Elevate Your Team’s Collaboration and Content Management Effortlessly

Everything in one place

Organize knowledge, create and manage content, share ideas and more.

Modern Content Management

Effortless Content Discovery

Klyck transforms how sales teams prepare for and engage with clients. Our platform ensures that your sales representatives always have quick access to the most relevant content. Whether they need detailed product information, marketing materials, or legal documentation, Klyck’s sophisticated search capabilities, including tags and filters, ensure everything is just a click away. This readiness translates into enhanced confidence during pitches and negotiations, significantly boosting the chances of closing deals.


Create Pages

Easily create stunning pages with a powerful content editor, add pictures, videos, files and more

Custom Workspace

Customize your own workspace by organizing pages in the best way for you or your team

 Reporting & Analytics

Understand your impact

Empower your team and gain insights into how your sales reps utilize company content. Identify top-performing materials and areas for improvement to optimize your strategy. Track every interaction and understand how customers engage in real-time.

Invite & Collaborate

Invite others and choose how you want to collaborate with them by giving user permissions

Save & Share Templates

Use pre-created templates from top performing teams or build your own from scratch

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Organize and centralize knowledge

With Klyck, you can easily organize and centralize all your team’s knowledge, information, and content into one place, making it easy to find what you need when you need it.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Klyck’s customizable pages allow you to streamline your work and create efficient workflows. This helps you save time and increase productivity, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Transform Your Sales Presentations with Klyck

Create immersive, interactive sales presentations that captivate prospects and drive conversions. Request a demo of Klyck’s digital selling rooms for a game-changing sales experience.