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How to Eliminate Lost Knowledge and Deteriorating Data

April 19th, 2022

Data and knowledge loss are one of the most significant challenges for any large B2B company. If you are reading this you probably already know the pain and misery that these issues can cause. Although modern companies continue to become more digitally connected, they are constantly bleeding knowledge as their teams turnover and data continues to get “dirtier” as CRM systems and other databases grow.

So how can you go about combating this for your sales organization? A great place to start is by creating sales playbooks. And not just your good old fashion paper binders, but rather digital playbooks that help guide your team through every step of their sales journey.

Sales playbooks should be a part of every corporate culture. Companies who recognize that all employees are a part of the B2B sales performance environment will better understand how to achieve success. Fortunately, there are a number of enablement tools that business can adopt to help their companies be more effective, save time and money, and promote B2B sales.

What are Sales Enablement Tools?

The field of sales enablement is very important for your business in order to sell your products and services as well as grow your company. Your sales team, in particular, needs sales enablement support in order to do their job successfully. Sales enablement is a process where a business provides their sales team with the resources—which may include content, tools, information, and knowledge—to sell the product or service more effectively to customers. Both marketing and sales teams are involved in sales enablement.  

To compete in the modern sales environment, the marketing and sales teams need to have a good, symbiotic relationship. The marketing team may create videos, blogs, social media, brochures, product guides, and conversation templates to support salespeople’s interactions with potential customers. In turn, the sales team can communicate with the marketing team to let them know what additional materials they need or which marketing resources were not effective or helpful. Also, they can provide the marketing team their best practices to be included in any future trainings and marking materials, which will in turn promote B2B sales.

But in most cases, sales enablement tools aren’t enough. Modern sales teams need more, they need digitized sales playbooks that take enablement to the next level.

How do Sales Playbooks Work?

Sales playbooks provide the groundwork necessary data to optimize business operations, inform sales and marketing teams, and drive revenue. With data-driven insights, businesses can better their overall sales performances based on data science throughout the sales lifecycle. The data can uncover key relationships between factors that may not have been known before as well as metrics and performance statistics for the company’s performances. Sales teams need every enablement tool available so they can think on their feet, be informed, and have access to content in order to make that B2B sale.

Let Sales Playbooks Help You Make Money

Sales playbooks enable businesses to organize their institutional knowledge as well as preserve content so other teams can access the information. Additionally, sales playbooks help with other aspects of business.

Organize sales information

Moving away from ad-hoc solutions, sales playbooks contain all the necessary information about your business, products, sales techniques, best practices, tactics, and strategies during various stages of the sales process in one place. It outlines what a salesperson should do during certain scenarios and how to handle selling situations, such as prospecting or during a sales pitch for a product. The stats don’t lie—companies who have developed a sales playbook increased the average deal size by 3.9% compared to a 2.8% increase for companies without sales playbooks. A sale playbook is a critical enablement tool for your business.

Eliminate lost knowledge

Enablement tools help stop the losing of knowledge, especially for customer engagement. Without knowledge preserved, businesses will lose important customer relationships as well as best practices. No one likes to lose revenue, so why do you settle with your teams losing important information that could be turned into a strategic advantage? Klyck allows you to capture, categorize, and act from the organizational knowledge that exists in your organization. Further, digital sales playbooks can be accessed by members of the sales teams from anywhere, so they can have the information on-the-go when needed.

Stop Deteriorating Data

Just as documents on a shelf collect dust and become outdated, your digital information deteriorates as well. Sales playbooks and other documents in your digital library will need to be updated to contain the latest information to be effective sales tools. Many businesses lack the time or resources to do these upgrades or they take away key personnel who should be focusing on sales and marketing.

Seamless integration

Sales playbooks can be created digitally to seamlessly integrate into a business’s customer relation management (CRM) software system for better data, sales, and customer tracking. Sales engagement software ensures that salespeople have the tools and resources at their fingertips so they have the right information at the right time to close the deal with prospective customers.

Fortunately, sales playbooks can help. With Klyck, you can easily manage document version history and ensure that your team is always working with the most up-to-date content.

Klyck Has Your Back in Digital Evolution

Companies have a wonderful opportunity to evolve digitally, but not all take advantage of the many amazing and effective digital tools available. Generally, B2B commercial teams are behind the ball on technology. It’s a painful but accurate fact. By creating a digital sales playbook, your sales and marketing teams will have the tools they need to succeed. They will have all the information they require in the sales playbook to close the deal with potential customers.

Enable your sales reps to navigate their digital journey with on-demand access to guided selling tools inside of Klyck. Klyck works across a number of industries, including industrial manufacturing, SaaS and high tech, biotech and life sciences, industrial automation, and measurement and control sectors. Through our holistic approach, we help complex B2B companies by creating digital sales playbooks, providing CRM integration, measuring sales data and analytics, and more. Klyck is the only digital sales playbook provider tailored specifically for complex B2B organizations, ensuring that your language is our language. Klyck supports over 6,000 users in 20 different countries leveraging the power of our B2B sales solutions. We make it easy to share best practices, information, presentations, and more between members of your commercial teams. 

Contact us today to book a demo to begin your digital evolution and growing your complex B2B company.


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