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Best Zoom Backgrounds for Sales Calls – Holiday Edition

Dec 9th, 2020

Last year we created a list of Zoom backgrounds for remote sales calls. Then we made a holiday edition. Little did we know that we’d be still be making all our sales calls remotely a year later! What a ride it’s been…

This 2021 holiday season, consider adding a little fun to your Zoom sales calls with these virtual backgrounds.

Directions to download and use:

All images have been sized and optimized for use with Zoom. Simply right click and download from this article and you’re ready to go! If you need instructions on how to setup your Zoom virtual background, click here to get started .

Visit with some crazy relatives or long-lost friends

Alright y’all… who invited Cousin Eddie?

Cousin Eddie Zoom background

Probably not this guy.

Clark Christmas Vacation Zoom background

Perhaps the “pink nightmare”?

Christmas Story Zoom background

Excited about Santa?

Buddy the Elf Zoom background

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Snow, snow, snow, snow!

White Christmas Zoom background 

How about a little magical misadventure? We’re pretty happy that our name didn’t shoot out of the Goblet of Fire.

Goblet of Fire Zoom background


Peace and quiet

Instead of hiding that sock on the back of the couch (why is that still there?) with a contemporary office space, why don’t you borrow this one from the Big Man himself?

Christmas wood Zoom background

Or maybe you’d just like to take a quiet moment to enjoy the outdoors.

Christmas tree Zoom background 

Maybe you’re still looking for something more minimalist. What about some garland and Christmas balls to frame your next video call?

Holiday Zoom background

Ready for 2022?

Who isn’t ready to say sayonara to 2021? We definitely are!

New Years Zoom background


Impress your boss with your champagne skills.

Champagne pop New Years Zoom background

Holiday Hello

I think Donner is trying to photobomb your meeting.

Reindeer Zoom background


Looking for ways to be more effective while selling remote? Check out Klyck’s sales enablement platform and learn about ways to improve your remote sales game. 

Enjoy your holiday season and best wishes to you and yours for 2022! 


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