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How Digital Sales Playbooks Can Boost Your Revenue

April 19th, 2022

Effective customer engagement is pivotal to success in B2B sales. Because of this, digital sales playbooks are increasingly being used by top performing organizations to ensure their sales outreach and engagement is at its best.

The reason behind this shift? The B2B sales landscape has fundamentally changed post-pandemic and digital sales management is now a necessity, not a luxury. If you are still using paper assets and sales playbooks contained in three ring binders, you are at risk of being out maneuvered by your competition.

But how and where do you start creating digital sales playbooks? Let’s dive in!

What is a Digital Sales Playbook?

Every business has their own unique selling channels and customer personas. In B2B sales, strategy must be carefully tailored to each individual customer type. A digital sales playbook is a software platform that uses data and intelligence as well as your goals and current performance to inform and optimize your sales strategy. However, not all digital sales playbooks are created equal.

Just like a sports playbook, a sales playbook is a collection of strategies and data points a sales team should employ to help maximize their chances of winning. In the past, sales playbooks were often lengthy documents that included company best practices, proven tactics, and targeted strategies during different stages of the sales process. It may include scripts or prompts that may help inform a representative what he or she should do in a specific selling situation, and it should include specific direction on prospecting, nurturing, and pitching to a particular audience.

A digital sales playbook is a sales playbook that is uniquely tailored to help a business succeed in its online engagement, such as through email outreach, web presence, and social media engagement. For example, the digital sales playbook solution provided by KlyckBooks:

  • Helps B2B sales reps close more deals and build better relationships,
  • Improves engagement by shifting marketing content into sales conversations,
  • Builds customer engagement data into a strategic direction, and
  • Empowers sales reps to become sales experts.

Digital Content Strategies That Convert

In general, the average ROI of a successful digital marketing campaign is 5:1. In other words, every dollar your company spends on marketing should return $5 in revenue. Creating and distributing content is important to engaging your audience and circulating critical information about your products and services. However, content creation costs money. In order to make sure that this is money well spent, you need digital content strategies that convert.

When nurturing new leads into customers, high-quality digital content is key to improving decision-making. Likewise, keeping existing customers informed and engaged increases the likelihood of referrals, upgrades, and repeat business. KlyckBooks is a digital sales playbook solution designed to ensure that sales teams always have the right sales and marketing content at the right time. This improves engagement and enables better conversion.

Collecting Valuable Insights from Digital Data

Distributing digital content is an important way to inform and engage your audience. But don’t forget, it’s also an important way that you can inform yourself about how to engage your audience better.

Understanding when a particular type of customer is most likely to engage with your content, the sales channel that he or she is most likely to use, and the types of content he or she is most receptive to are all key data points in crafting optimal sales strategies. KlyckBooks has integrated data insights that enable your sales and marketing leaders to develop a deeper understanding of customer engagement that they can leverage into superior sales strategies. We’ve combined content intelligence, training integration, and customer segmentation into one all-inclusive digital sales playbook solution.

Enablement Tools to Make Every Sales Rep a Sales Expert

To become an expert in anything, you need access to the best possible tools and training. This is just as true with respect to sales as it is with respect to any other skill. With a well-crafted and properly managed digital sales playbook, your organization will have the infrastructure you need to turn any

sales rep into a qualified sales expert.

Whether your sales department is made up entirely of veterans or new hires, sales playbook solutions from KlyckBooks may be exactly what you need to bring your team to the next level. Klyck is a global leader in B2B sales enablement tools and digital sales playbook software.  Our team of experts provide sales enablement tools that empower sales and marketing to be better versions of themselves.

Building better content, delivering digital engagement more effectively, facilitating better customer conversations, and improving sales team performance is all possible with a strong digital sales playbook. KlyckBooks is the only sales enablement software specifically built for complex B2B sales, which means that our customers’ language is our language.

Stay One Step Ahead with KlyckBooks

KlyckBooks has created tailored sales enablement solutions for clients around the world that have delivered measurable results, solved business problems, and driven higher revenue. Our digital sales playbooks are intuitive enablement tools that use data and tailored content to empower better sales and marketing performance. This is made possible thanks to decades of combined experience in sales and technology, which has culminated in the development of valuable intellectual property embedded in our digital sales playbooks.

Our KlyckBooks platform takes the guesswork out of complex B2B sales in a completely novel way. It streamlines multi-faceted sales strategy into one point for relevant content, training, and customer profile information. Capture advice, tips, and best practices from your most successful sellers and place that knowledge at the fingertips of every salesperson in your organization. Customer personas and sales channels can be managed according to the unique type of solution that works best in each application, and all of this is accessible in one user-friendly interface.

All on-platform data is integrated directly into our app, Klyck’s Sales Coach. The mobile app has the same power of advanced search, filtering, and buyer personas break-downs, sales users need while on-the-go. Our app can even integrate learning and development platforms directly into the user environment, which accelerates new rep training and onboarding.

Want to get started digitizing your playbooks? Schedule a demo with us today and find out how digital sales playbooks can deliver higher ROI and faster sales conversions in your business.


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