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Rock Your Virtual Meetings: Top Backgrounds for the Holidays in 2023

The 2023 Holiday season is in full swing so get ready to make your virtual sales calls merry and bright. With remote sales still happening around the world, our little elves have been working away to find you the perfect festive backgrounds to add a dash of excitement to your holiday meetings.

Join us in spreading the holiday cheer and add an extra touch of joy to your clients’ day! 

How to download and use:

We’ve sized and optimized all images for seamless use. Simply right-click and download directly from this article, and you’ll be set to roll! Need guidance on setting up your Zoom virtual background? Click here to get started .

We all know he sees us when we’re sleeping and knows when we’re awake, but Santa is taking it to a whole new level this year.

Just make sure you are extra nice.

Green background with peeking Santa

With a “Ho ho ho” you can ensure you are making wishes come true.

Green background with Santa hat

Not wanting to make too much of a statement but still want to share that holiday spirit? We’ve got your back.

A festive wrapping paper vibe never fails to impress.

Striped wrapping paper background

Whether candy cane striped or cozy plaid, you’ll be sure to look like a true gift.

Red plaid background

Make your calls a little sweeter with some sugary charm.

Did someone say, dazzle away?

Green sparkles

Stay cozy and warm because baby, it’s cold outside.

There’s no better way than to break the ice with some common ground and shared holiday favourites. 

Meet Buddy, your personal assistant eager to take down all the meeting notes.

Buddy the elf in front of fire place

He passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, just to say hey!

Buddy the elf waving from the North Pole

Kevin Mcallister may or may not be able to assist in unwanted attendees.

Kevin Mcallister guarding his door

Did somebody order a cappuccino?

The Grinch handing a coffee with blue background

Cat person or not, this one is undeniably cute and may come with a present. 

Cat holding a present

Ring in the New Year in style.

We don’t condone or encourage drinking on the job, but this little guy may.

Little dog with confetti and party hat

Or maybe keep it a little more professional, we won’t judge.

Gold confetti

And that’s a wrap for this holiday season! 

Looking for ways to be more effective and efficient in 2023? Check out Klyck’s knowledge management and sales enablement platform and learn more about ways to improve your sales game. 

Happy holidays and have a happy new year!


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